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Latest News(20 Articles )
  • Olympic Sports Day.
    Wednesday 22nd June

    The sun had its hat well and truly on today for this year’s end of term Olympic Sports Day. After a delicious shared snack the children had lots of fun running for their teams and flags, as did the teachers, jollied along and kept in line by the mast ...     more ...
  • 2016-2017 Aparc Calendar
    Here is the calendar for 2016-2017
  • APARC in the newspaper!
    APARC in the newspaper!
    This article was published in The Connexion June 2016 edition, and reproduced courtesy of The Connexion, France's English-Language Newspaper, www.connexionfrance.com
  • Meet the Teacher Day, Wednesday 1st June.
    Wednesday 1st June is Aparc's "meet the teacher day." We look forward to
    welcoming 24 new children who will be starting school with us in September

    In honour of this special occasion, the staff and committee are holding a
    cake, sweet and English book sale.
  • Aparc Summer Fair
    APARC's annual summer fair will be taking place on Sunday 22nd May on the "Petite Pelouse" in Chantilly from 2 to 5pm.

    There will be fun and games for the whole family, plus a cake stall with delicious home made cakes and an English book stall to purchase your Summer read ...     more ...
APARC Events
APARC Events(1 Article )
APARC(4 Articles )
  • The aims of the Association
    The Anglophone Parents' Association in the Region of Chantilly (APARC) was founded in 1982 to bring together families in the Chantilly area who speak English as a mother tongue or as a cultural language. Its main objective was to set up special English language sections for ...     more ...
  • Organisation of the Association
    APARC is run by a committee including a president, a treasurer and three co-ordinators, one for Primary/Kindergarten, one for Collège and one for Lycée. The role of the co-ordinators is to liaise between the parents and the teaching staff, and between the parents and the c ...     more ...
  • APARC Committee
    Most of you will know our wonderful teachers, assistants and librarians, who make APARC so successful, from Kindergarten to the Lycée. But did you also know that, alongside that dedicated teaching team, administrative and logistical support is provided by an elected Committ ...     more ...
  • History of APARC
    For more than a hundred years, the Chantilly region has been home to a high concentration of English-speaking families living temporarily or permanently in France. In 1982, APARC was founded to bring these families together and provide for the special educational needs of th ...     more ...
Results(3 Articles )
  • IGCSE exams
    Every year, at the Lycée Jean Rostand in Chantilly, our 2nde students sit their IGCSEs. So what are IGCSEs and why do our students sit them?

    What are IGCSEs?

    IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) are exams equivalent to those that student ...     more ...
  • IGCSE results 2015
    In May 2015, APARC entered 28 candidates for the Cambridge IGCSE English Language and Literature exams. We are proud to announce that all the candidates passed the exams and 9 students received A and A* grades.
  • IGCSE results 2013
    Success for our Students

    Over the years the APARC Exam Centre, which is run in conjunction with the Lycée Jean Rostand, has had outsandingly good results. This year has been no exception! All of the 27 candidates who took the First Language English IGCSE passed. Eight ...     more ...
Chantilly(1 Article )
  • Chantilly
    Situated some 40 km north of Paris and 25 km north of the international airport Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Chantilly is recognized for its calm while appreciated for its easy access to the capital.

    As a well respected training centre for thoroughbred horses, Chantilly has l ...     more ...
Overview(2 Articles )
    APARC is a non-profit making association employing qualified teachers to provide English classes for bilingual children up to IGCSE level and it is run BY parents FOR parents. With the exception of teaching staff and classroom assistants, all other posts are held by APARC co ...     more ...
  • Terms & Conditions
Primary(4 Articles )
Collège(5 Articles )
  • Collège
    APARC Classes at the Collège

    Secondary classes are integrated into the timetable of the Collège Des Bourgognes in Chantilly. The pupils have 4 hours per week of Anglophone classes plus additional library sessions, timetables permitting. APARC has a very good relation ...     more ...
  • Collège Location
    APARC is integrated into the Collège des Bourgognes in Chantilly, found just to the north of Chantilly itself.
        more ...
  • Collège Fees
    Annual Fees (Collège)

  • Collège Teachers
    Here is a list of all the current APARC teachers in Collège. It also includes the number of APARC pupils in each class.

  • NCB Classes
    The NCB classes offer advanced English for Anglophone children (or children with English as a very strong second language) at a higher level than the students receive in their LV1 classes in their French collège.

    The classes use a course of books designed using a theme ...     more ...
Lycée(2 Articles )
  • Lycée
    APARC in the Lycée

    APARC no longer functions in the Lycée as a private school. Instead, pupils are integrated into the British International Secion. In order to do this, the pupils must pass an entrance test at the end of 3e (see below) that is taken by anyone wanting ...     more ...
  • Lycée Location
    APARC is integrated into the "Lycée Polyvalent et Professionnel Jean Rostand" at lycée level. The lycée is found in Chantilly, within walking distance of the train station.

        more ...
Anglais pour Francophones
  • English Extra
    Cours d'Anglais pour enfants Francophones, avec nos professeurs de langue maternelle anglaise.

    Objectif: renforcement du niveau d’aisance dans la communication orale (expression et compréhension) à travers une participation active aux: jeux, chansons, contes, jeu de ...     more ...

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